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(Some of them shrugged while saying it, and I wanted to shake them. )The list goes on, stereotypical in places: I played the piano. Filial loyalty, Taiwanese style, meant I let my mother dress me — until I got to school, when I’d duck into the girls’ bathroom and change out of whatever trend Mom was into to pull on denim cutoffs and a ratty sweatshirt.

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Why can’t you just let us find you a nice Asian boy like your brother?I felt sick, and not just from the hangover of our goodbye party the night before.I had a nearly overwhelming urge to beg him to turn the car around, to go back to where we could be with our friends, the family I’d built in New York City.Publication in a national newspaper won me a note that I should really be writing about things that people actually cared about. There’d be a grace period of 12 hours or so, and then it would start: Why are you wasting time just dating, lah?

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Ai-yah, everyone else’s kids are making piles of money as attorneys/doctors/engineers while you waste your life.Kids in America are allowed to keep their bedroom doors closed.

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