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22-Aug-2017 05:31

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Unfortunately i Cloud does have its issues, so many that we’ve got an i Cloud troubleshooting guide for solving common issues, so be sure to check that out if you’re having problems. I had a friend reach out to me on Facebook in a panic after he somehow had gotten his i Phone 4 into a tizzy. I love hearing about ways to fix issues – especially with an i Phone.If you’re already confused then you don’t need to be.Here’s what i Cloud Drive is, what makes it different to Apple’s other services, and how to access it on your i Phone, Mac, Windows, and even Android device So i Cloud Drive is only one part of the larger i Cloud ecosystem, and it most closely resembles the bog-standard folder format used by nearly every other cloud storage provider.His i Phone had gone into a strange mode and his question was simple, my i Phone stuck in recovery mode, what do I do? sorry to buy you but I know you love your i Phone and might be able to help me. I thought I’ve seen it all when it comes to the i Phone. I’ve had my phone black out, shut off, brighten and darken, crack, make noises, not make noise at all and announce cryptic messages on the push notifications – but I’ve never had it go into recovery mode, ironically. Essentially, the device enters a mode called “Recovery Mode”.I was doing an update to my i Phone 4 but now its on recovery mode and it doesn’t work, it say to restore phone for it to work but says that I will lose all my data! You’ll see a graphic on the screen that is the USB connector icon and the i Tunes icon.

Unlike Google Drive, you can’t set permissions for folders or individual files and share them with others.

You can even upload files via the web interface from compatible browsers.

On mac OS, some apps will suggest i Cloud Drive as the default saving location for documents. If you want to save or load to i Cloud, make sure you specify it in the app you are using.

There are a few caveats to the service which make it unique, as is often the case with Apple’s products.

You can save documents to i Cloud Drive within apps, especially Apple’s own apps like Text Edit and Pages.

This can happen when you attempt to upgrade the firmware on the phone (something we do rather often with Apples constant updates).

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