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Keywords: Gauge marks, British gallons jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item15-page44Title: Letters Author: Feazel, Bobby Summary: Question about a Faber "Castell" slide rule marked Columbus and also Syst. Author: Larson, Mel Summary: a discussion of the different names for the little gadget that moves along the slide rule body to point out the area in which you are working.Rohrberg Keywords: Faber Castell Columbus slide rule Top jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item1-page1Title: The June, 1993 Meeting Author: Editor Summary: A list of rules for those members with items to sell at the meeting but will not be able to attend. Keywords: Runner, indicator, cursor, K&E jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item17-page49Title: K&E Issue -Concluding Thoughts Author: Editor Summary: Some of the material about K&E that was not covered in this issue of the JOS Keywords: K&E, Cox W.Keywords: Grade, condition, linear, circular, Mannheim, simplex, simplex disk, duplex, duplex disk, half duplex, polyphase, reitz, Darmstadt.jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item5-page11Title: Slide Rule Pencils. Author: Otnes, Bob Summary: Describes three pencils with built-in slide rules, with photos.Keywords: Metal, aluminum, magnesium alloy, grove configurations, slide tension, logo, numbering, duplex, deci-point, Pickett 902 jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item6-page9Title: George Washington Richardson's Direct Reading Slide Rules. Summary: History and use, drawing, references, models and numbers Keywords: Otnes R. Keywords: Circular, Mannheim, Small, Charpentier, Boucher jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item9-page18Title: Pickett's "Eye-Saver Yellow". Summary: Invention and use of log log scales with references and drawings. Keywords: Loga cylinder, Rechenwalze cylinder, Charpentier circular, Nestler, Thacher, Fuller, Otis King, Troger circular, Boucher Pocket, Nestler cylinder, Stephen's Supermatic, Halden's Calculex, Faber, K&E duplex, jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item12-page26Title: Slide Rule Reviews Author: Shepherd, Rodger & Otnes, Bob; Summary: Review of some slide rule publications that would greatly add to a collector's library Keywords: Aristo, Pickworth C. A., Nystrom's Calculating Rule, Knight R., Malt Gauger slide rule jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item13-page28Title: Information Author: Editor Summary: This department has short book reviews, bits and pieces of information and, in general, material worth knowing.Author: Shepherd, Rodger Summary: Approaches to color to reduce eyestrain using slide rules. S., jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item10-page19Title: Log Log Scales. Keywords: Roget P M, Transactions of the Royal Society, Pickworth C. Keywords: K&E Mannheim and Polyphase slide rules, Patent dates, jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item14-page28Title: Letters Author: Editor Summary: A variety of letters received, with checks, after the prototype was distributed.jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item11-page39Title: How I Do It. jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item12-page41Title: The Market Report. Author: Otnes, Bob Keywords: Coggeshall folding rule, Fuller, Troger circular, Troger Cylinder, Fowler's Long Scale, Fowler's Magnum, Fowler's Textile, Boucher, National Cylinder, Faber Präzision, Nestler Demo, Lord's Calculator. Keuffel's contributions to K&E Keywords: Keuffel W. E., jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item7-page14Title: Obituary of Willie L. Keywords: Schure C., Thacher's slide rule, Military slide rule, Cox W., K&E Fraction adder, clam-shell cursor, Cox Patent Duplex slide rules, jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item13-page34Title: Keuffel & Esser Patents Author: Price, Osborne I Summary: A table of K&E slide rule patents are described.jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item13-page43Title: Slide Rule Reviews - German Calculator Book (1925) Author: Martin, Ernst ( Translators: Peggy Aldrich Kidwell & Michael R. E., jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item6-page12Title: A Pioneering K&E Engineer Author: From a 1967 K&E Brochure Summary: Give a brief description of W. Keywords: K&E Patents jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item14-page38Title: How I Do It (No.

Keywords: Charpentier, metal circular slide rule, accuracy, British patent, French patent, models Jos-index-v0-n0-1991-item7-page12Title: Buro-Antik Auction in Koln, April 1991 Author: Bob Otnes Summary: Auction of typewriters, calculators and ten lots of slide rules with their estimated and realized prices.Top jos-index-v2-n2-1993-item1-page1Title: The June 1993 Meeting in Oakland Author: Shepherd, Rodger Summary: Overview of 1993 annual meeting Keywords: Oughtred Society Annual meeting jos-index-v2-n2-1993-item2-page3Title: The Rietz System and Max Rietz Author: von Jezierski, Dieter Summary: A discussion of the Rietz slide rule scales system and the man who gave his name to the system, Max Rietz.Keywords: Rietz M., Nestler Rietz-Duplex, jos-index-v2-n2-1993-item3-page5Title: The End of the Aristo Slide Rules: A Case History Author: Shepherd, Rodger Summary: Discussions with Hans Dennert about the impact of electronic calculators on slide rule production.Keywords: Saul Moskowitz, antique scientific instruments, catalogs Jos-index-v0-n0-1991-item5-page7Title: The Otis King Slide Rule Author: Anon Summary: Description of Otis King cylindrical slide rule, its basic operation, models, years of manufacture, figure showing two models.

Keywords: Otis King, cylindrical slide rule, British patent, serial numbers, how to use.

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