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Kemudian i’tibar, kegiatan ini dilakukan untuk melihat dengan jelas jalur sanad, nama-nama perawi dan metode periwayatan yang digunakan oleh setiap perawi.Untuk memudahkan kegiatan i’tibar tersebut, dilakukan pembuatan skema untuk seluruh sanad hadis yang mempunyai mutabi’ dan syahid.I'm something surprised with the phenotypes of them, but I don't know if the actors represent the core of egyptian population.In my city still there are people that claim egyptian ancestry (despite they are only a bunch of retarded blond haired, blue eyed masonic toady-flunkey-groveller syrian christians).I recommend this movie: The Yacoubian Building ( https://v=CLd4BSfc ZJ0 It is a very interesting view of modern egyptian society.More neutral This is the Berber face I associate with a "Capsian Med" native type, mostly deprived of Arab or SS. admixture is very very rare in North Africa, they just speak Arabic.

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In fact the average Levantine is more Arabic genetically than the average North African, simply due to history and geography of the region, and they do show the shift.

Selanjutnya dilakukan penelitian terhadap pribadi perawi hadis, meliputi keadilannya dan kapasitas intelektualnya ( dhabit), yang lazim disebut siqat, ke-muttasil-annya, informasi jarh ta’dil, dan menyimpulkanya.