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This story is rated T for langue, but it's only in one chapter, so younger kids can read it.Continuing his charade as Kaito Kid, he soon learns from a certain Red Witch that the forces he are far stronger than he imagined, and that magic is not always easy to find.Double D, along with his the Peach Creek kids and his friends from the other world set off to find it! Yuki has a flash back from when herself and Zero were kids. Her family forced his from town and he never learned what happened to his kid.But after the memory, she started to laugh leaving a confused Zero to question what's with the change of mood. Now eightteen and in a town looking for a hunt he finds out their living there.Raven gets trapped under the debris with a civilian for a few hours.AU in which Beast Boy is a normal civilian with a kid. Please review if you have any comments on the story A prelude to my next story.It is Sato's & Takagi's Wedding Day and everybody is in a panic, especially when everybody's loveable four-eyes detective goes missing.

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HUDDYOlivia, Elliot, and the rest of the SVU gang, are kids. Edward Elric and his brother, Al, head to the DWMA to follow up on some of Marcoh's clues about the Philosopher's Stone.

Having heard the secret, how will he respond to this new-found knowledge...? Seph/Cloud- ignores movie and dirge of ceberus 17 years after Meteor, a family movies in the city of Kalm and shakes things up, especially with the five kids and more on the way. What happens when your favorite Eds and kids get tortured, humiliated, and picked on to your amusement in an epic parody of All That's "Know Your Stars" sketch? Chapter 3: Eddy"Phil Coulson was one of the greatest people I have ever known. When we were kids, we would play pretend that we were superheroes. The blonde gasped and turned in time to see white wings and feathers disappear.

Right now, the only hero I believe in is Phil Coulson."Just some Halloween fluff. The kid furrowed his brows in confusion and caught a leftover white feather.

When tragedy strikes, Olivia finds comfort in the Stabler family, who takes her in and treats her like their own. While posing as Alchemy teachers there, they meet Maka and the gang.

Everyone is happy to have a couple new friends, except Kid, that is.

What if it wasn't just Johnny, Dally, and Ponyboy in the fire?