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Such locational record keeping is a necessary part of archaeology.Digging destroys a site as surely as an any bulldozer's blade.The other method is to march over the country with your eyes glued to the ground, looking for artifacts or any other traces of previous human occupancy. Once a site has been located, archaeologists record it on a form, measure and map its dimensions, and record other relevant information about it.The site receives a number and is entered into a state database.All measurements can then be recorded with reference to the square's location.A grid can cover anywhere from a few to many thousand square meters.The grid helps archaeologists keep horizontal control. If you think of the site as a cake, which has been cut into tidy squares by the grid, then the vertical controls are the cake's layers.The simplest form of excavating by levels is simply to work in evenly spaced, horizontal levels.

Archaeology is our way of reading that message and understanding how these peoples lived.Anything which has been made by people is known as an --both are artifacts.One of the archaeologist's goals is to recover artifacts at a site.Ancient peoples, though, left us no written history.

They are only shadows to us, dim and hard to understand.

Archaeologists take the clues left behind by the people of the past, and, like detectives, work to reconstruct how long ago they lived, what they ate, what their tools and homes were like, and what became of them.

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