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Comments: 'No comments, but I am curious as to what our Class song was?

.'03/24/2016Lynne (Schleicher) Hollfelder - Current Grand Island resident.

Now working with an aerospace company in Conn..'10/24/2017 - Grand Island resident: 1963 - 1977, GIHS class of 1973, now resides in TX. 08/21/2017Bob Camuccio - Grand Island resident: 1966 - 1967, GIHS class of 1967, now resides in Key Largo, FL.

Comments: 'I graduated in 1967 but had a number of friends in the class of 1966..'06/23/2017Tom Lynch - GIHS class of 1987, now resides in El Segundo, CA.

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Comments: 'Lived on the Island from 1944 until 1958. In the summer, GI is a great place, I used to spend hours riding around the perimeter on my bicycle, as a kid..'12/19/2017Chis (Maier) Phillips - Grand Island resident: 1961 - 1972, GIHS class of 1968, now resides in The Villages, FL, is a member of Aires Triangle #131. Comments: 'Retired in 2015 after 34 years with the Federal Aviation Administration doing Air Traffic Control in the NYC area. in Electrical Engineering.'08/29/2017Ruth (Lindelow) Earl - GIHS class of 1968, now resides in Lockport, NY.

I like showing friends where this part of New York is and the great time I had there..'08/02/2016George Zammitg - Grand Island resident since 2014.

07/31/2016Marcia (Witte) Robison - Grand Island resident: 1966 - 1980, GIHS class of 1975, now resides in Lockport, NY.

06/03/2017Michael Beyer - Grand Island resident: 1959 - 1972, GIHS class of 1972.

05/15/2017RICHARD HIMMEL - Grand Island resident: 1970 - 1981, Sidway class of 1972, now resides in Fort Worth, TX.Haven't seen Grand Island for 20 years---that's too long!

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