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Using a content management system (CMS) to power your website's content makes life a lot easier, and brings more of your team into the process by allowing them to quickly and easily add and update your site.This course goes over the basic concepts behind what a CMS is, then covers how to get the most out of the Webflow CMS.“Hell, no,” Richard Isaacson bellows when asked whether some form of cognitive decline is inevitable with age, especially for those genetically tilted toward the disabling dementia of Alzheimer’s disease.

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No need to build a giant content-strangling Rube Goldberg machine to “manage” content, if all you’re doing at the end of the day is putting out HTML, Javascript, and CSS, the building blocks of the internet.Even of the 60 or so genes thought to influence the risk of Alzheimer’s disease after age 60, he says, none of them makes inexorable what surveys show is the most feared condition in a population living longer and longer.That fact, along with an earthquake of emerging evidence that cognitive impairment shows itself only after decades of decay in the processes that power our brain cells, has given Isaacson, a neurologist at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian, enough of an edge to open the country’s first Alzheimer’s–prevention clinic.But Stothert’s office said this week that the city has continued to allow Waste Management to collect yard waste with trash in the eastern half of the city as the company grapples with a shortage of commercially licensed drivers.

In a statement Tuesday, Stothert said “the city supports Waste Management’s efforts to hire and retain qualified CDL licensed drivers.

Previously, Ben served as Git Hub’s Government Evangelist, leading the efforts to encourage government at all levels to adopt open source philosophies for code, for data, and for policy development.