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28-Jul-2017 18:13

in italien ist »la crostata« einer der traditionsreichsten kuchen.

es ist der kuchen meiner kindeheit, der erste den ich zu backen gelernt habe und bis vor kurzem der einzige den ich gemacht habe.

however, my email address remains active, so if you wanna be social, send it that way.

When the rainy season reaches full stride during the torrid Cambodian summer, life here changes rapidly.

Yes, it’s called a layer cake, and pretty much any cake you buy at a grocery store is constructed in the same manner. Well, you’re wasting your time reading this, aren’t you?

I totally saw this on Something Awful’s Goons with Spoons Rainbow Cake thread, way to steal the idea, asshole. And in fact, I posted my original rainbow cake there.

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By August however the dust has turned to mud, roads are almost impassable and a farmer’s wishful thoughts turn to the Mekong River and its tributary lake, the great Tonle Sap.The flood down the Mekong can be intense so that water begins to back up the Tonle Sap channel, annually refilling this amorphously shallow lake.